SOGI Educators Summit: October 26 – 28, 2020

Welcome back to our annual SOGI Educator Summit! This year’s program promises to be 2.5 days of learning, networking, and connecting. Despite the uncertainty and disruption around us, we have been working to ensure that this year’s Summit will be as successful, if not better, than last year’s by presenting it VIRTUALLY. We hope you’ll join us! The theme for this year’s Summit is ‘Adapting to Change Together.’  Individually, we […]

Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others: Navigating SELf-care during COVID times

Our current landscape can be challenging to navigate right now and it can be tricky knowing where to start to foster the balance between work and home. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is promoted in our classrooms and schools for students, but it is a focus area that can be extremely beneficial when we incorporate it […]

DBT Skills in Schools Learning Group

Get a taste of the DBT Skills in Schools SEL curriculum by engaging in a skills learning group. The curriculum was developed to teach practical skills to help students cope with stress, to solve problems effectively, and to build healthy relationships. Our group sessions will follow the four modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Mindfulness, Emotional […]

EASE (Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators) Online Course for Educators

EASE online course is now available for BC K-7 educators.  Please see attached. For more information, including registration details, please visit our Healthy Minds BC website: You need to register with your PRN email account address ALL school district employees are able to register for this online course. For further information, please contact  Bev Baker […]

Social-Emotional Skills for Everybody — Session

Buy ‘Everyday Circles’ here Build the kind of community you’ve always wanted. Commit to Everyday Circles each day, and incredible things start happening: inclusion, acceptance, skill-building, empathy, compassion, restoration, and so much more.

Mental Health Reading List

September Reading List — scroll down for the books that are recommended for Mental Health Literacy.

Celebration – May 16, 2019

100 % of School Districts 60 schools were represented at May 16th’s Positive School Culture “Celebration”!! Please click on the following link to see some of the highlights and slide decks. The last slide of each school’s presentation is a brainstorm of social-emotional programming currently being implemented. Celebration Slide Decks