• Mind Up, Brain Lessons & Core Competencies

    Literacy Session #2 October 12, 2017 Presentation Brain Pre-assessment Mind Up Grade 3-5 Brain Lesson Brain Formative Assessment Hot Seat October 2017 Literacy Session Flipgrid POPEI  School District 20 Kootenay-Columbia — scroll down to “Curriculum Implementation” — I can BIG Sheets  North Vancouver SD44 Core Competencies 

  • Creating Compassionate Learning Communities and Growth Mindset

    Literacy Series Session #1 Presentation Today we met for an hour for the first session of a monthly Literacy Series focused on Creating Compassionate Learning Communities and Growth Mindset.  Thanks to the teachers who attended at this busy time of year.  A highlight for me was teacher’s sharing what they have already implemented in their […]

  • Culture Lessons – Literacy & SEL

    The Rabbits by Shaun Tan & John Marsden  (Theme: Residential Schools and/or Environment)  A rich and haunting allegory of colonization for all ages and cultures, told from the viewpoint of native animals. This stunning picture book examines the consequences of the arrival of a group of rabbits with entirely unfamiliar ways. They bring new food […]

  • ZONES Session, Handouts & Lesson Plans

    ZONES 1.00 ZONES Session 3 Upper Pine & Central January 2017 Central ZONES Lessons Jan. 24, 2017 ZONES Charades ZONES 4 Walls & Scenarios The Feeling Game

  • Mind Up & Literacy

    On September 25th I presented at NPSS for SD60’s Non-Instructional Day.  It was a bright, sunny day and I presented to a keen group who jumped right in and participated fully.  I had so much fun!!